Horizon Scorer 10/10

Den nye Horizon pedalen til Nukeproof scorer 10 av 10 mulige poeng i terrengsykkslmagasinet mbr.co.uk. Her er litt om hva de skriver: 

t stands to reason that the most successful flat pedal ambassador on the planet should put his name to the ultimate platform on the market. Sam Hill’s signature Nukeproof Horizon perfectly blends pin height and diameter with platform size and concavity to produce a pedal that sticks to your shoe like discarded bubble gum on a hot day. Clever wings extend real estate towards the crank arm, simultaneously bringing your feet closer together and increasing ground clearance when cornering, while the bearings have proven durable mounted to dozens of test bikes through the full palette of weather conditions. Marry them to a pair of Five Ten Freerider Pros and it’s a match made in heaven.

The Nukeproof Horizon is the flat pedal of choice here amongst MBR staff. The platform isn’t the thinnest, but it’s dished out enough to keep shoes stable.
The level of dish is not too concave to cause any pressure points or tiredness in feet. Grip levels are perfectly locked-down and planted whatever brand of shoe you use, with just enough ability to shuffle foot position if needed.
Riders following Sam Hill’s lead and looking for ridiculous levels of hold, will love how the back-loading traction pins have a height-adjust function too (using removable washers underneath) to raise grip levels and increase concavity further.
The platform width is a tad narrower than close rival the DMR Vault, meaning better ground clearance, but with more real estate overlap closer to the crank arm the Horizon still feels remarkably similar in size. This extra clearance reduces the chances of smashing the tough, forged platforms on trail obstacles, and the fact the steel traction pins used are thicker than most prevents them snapping as well to further increase durability. Thankfully, these pins aren’t so thick they impact on sheer bite into shoe soles though.
Nukeproof’s long term bearing life is marginally less than the likes of the Burgtec and Hope pedals we’ve tested, but the original purchase price is considerably lower and replacement bearing kits are only a fiver too.

This Sam Hill Horizon is a perfectly rounded package that isn’t the lightest or the thinnest on test, but any pedals that rate higher on these fronts also have greater compromises elsewhere. It’s proven tough and simply feels so solid and secure underfoot for all shapes and sizes of rider, the Horizon is hard to beat.


Weight:442 grams             Body:Forged 6061 aluminium

Size:102 x 100 x 16mm

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